How to increase your success rate in live betting?

Live betting menu bookmakers received relatively recently. It is therefore natural that punters betting on this kind often do not completely perfect amount of information and thus simply ignore it. But it may be a mistake – live betting certainly offers interesting possibilities, to which the knowledgeable bettor rather well earn. Before you decide to try live betting, there are several things about that you should learn. And they will be addressed in our today’s article.


U live betting is very important to choose the right bookmaker. One of the best sázkovek in this case Bet365. Sázkovka This is great for live betting mainly due to a number of matches, which you can bet with her – there’s virtually all at least somewhat important sporting events. Football, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, squash, basically anything you can think of.

However, it is true that there are quite a lot of other solid bookmakers. We recommend example, Unibet, Sportingbet and Betclic. Not perfect then opened an account with multiple sázkovek, making you can always bet u sázkovky offering the best odds on the betting opportunity. In addition, you can use several welcome bonuses, which will be a welcome strengthening your bankroll.

Basic information

The most important thing is that you have to match in its course somehow track. Either on television or through online broadcasting (which is often available at bookmakers). If for some reason you can not directly observe the match, try to find at least his text commentary – or rather prefer to bet on a different game because they bet as text comments (which should logically be a little slow) is not a good idea twice.

Of course there should be adequate execution of pre-game analysis. He had a team-consuming series of matches? Or is struggling with injuries of key players? If you have this information available, you will have a great advantage. Remember that success and failure in the betting just depends on the amount of information, which can/will work.

Additionally, you should analyze the game and its very course. Does any team a lot of chances to score goals? Maybe you should bet on that score the next goal (especially when this option offered solid course). Does any of tennis players problems with the administration? Maybe you should bet that his administration will break the opponent (in men’s tennis this option almost always get a solid course). We constantly think about how the game develops and bet accordingly.


For each sport must be treated differently. And given that live betting is not easy, it makes sense that you should bet on sports, which really familiar. Therefore you are better able to predict the course of the match. For example, some tennis players often have weaker input into the match, but after “rozehřívacím” set, which often lose, their performance is much improved and the match was eventually entrance to his side. Due to this fact, in the long term can pay off betting on their defeat in the first set.Wil jij ook spelen in een nederlands online casino? zie het hier heeft een overzicht van de beste casino reviews.

Similar examples could be found even in football. Some teams begin to attack right at the beginning of the match, while others concentrate mainly on solid defense and more aggressively begin to even play in the second half. However, if the two compete against each other aggressive teams can bet for example, that a gate will have been in the first half hour of the game.

Each sport requires other knowledge, despite the fact that betting basics are always the same. If it is betting you’re serious, really just bet on sports, you know. He has absolutely no sense to bet on sport, which you see on television once a year (you would not believe how large percentage of punters this huge mistakes commits).

Concluding points

Many bettors is committing yet another serious error. Too betting in a hurry. Yes, of course, that live betting is a quick decision. But you should never lay bets on which you really are not sure that you want to ask. This is probably the most challenging task in its live betting. A bookmakers to know very well. Earn money every time you make a bad decision – and make bad decisions under time pressure is very simple. Remember that in the future will always be plenty of other opportunities to bet, so proceed with caution.

Live betting ahead probably has a great future. Personally, I think you should at least try it. If you already have in betting some practice, you can achieve an interesting earnings. Another advantage of live betting is that it is more exciting than conventional planting (but this is a double-edged thing – disadvantage is that punters are often greater under the influence of emotions).

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